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Sam and Ruby

It’s been a while since I’ve written, four months or so. That’s the problem with blogging once you start everyone can see your habits and shortcomings. One of mine is to get excited about something (ie blogging) and then tire of it. Usually however all I need to do is get back to it once and then I remembered why I liked it so much in the first place.  I’m back so let’s see if I stay back. One of the things that reminds me of my blog is when I hear new music I love, I like to share it. My friend Adam introduced me to this new band ‘Sam and Ruby’. I just love them. Their new album ‘The Here and the Now’ won album of the year and this was totally deserved if you ask me. Adam met Ruby in Nashville a number of years back and since then they have stayed close. According to Adam not only is Ruby a great talent but she’s a wonderful human being. Good to hear. We need as many of those as we can find.

Here’s Sam and Ruby live singing Heaven’s My Home. Enjoy.


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