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Feed Jake

I have three dogs .Two Goldens and a Duck Toller cross. I am of course in love with all of them. Treble we’ve had from a pup and is now 10 years old and still doing great. The other two were rescue dogs. Mr Bibbs, the Duck Toller cross, we rescued from a beach in Belize (read here) and Jake, now five, we got from Golden Rescue at 10 months old. Jake’s previous owners kept him locked up in a closet with no light on  whenever they went out.



Mr Bibbs (left rear) Treble (front centre) Jake (rear right)

Jake today is a magnificent dog with a huge heart. Jake and I hit it off from the first moment we met.

A friend sent this link today to a song called ‘Feed Jake’. I had never heard this song before but it certainly went right to my soul. if you don’t cry after hearing this then you are a better man than I am Gunga Din.


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A friend of mine Kathy Stewart has just launched a new album called Hope ,Tears and Tambourines. Kathy and I wrote and played together in Scotland in the 90’s with one of Scotland’s best guitar players Colin MacFarlane in a band we called Another Country. Kathy is a big talent hidden from view like many great singer songwriters who never quite get heard enough. Originally from New York, Kathy moved to Scotland in the late 80’s. I met her around 1994.

Here’s a snapshot of her launch party where you’ll see a snippet of her and Colin on stage with Ken Kennedy, on double bass, harmonica and harmonies. Can’t wait to hear the whole album.

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I’m not sure the exact date he bought it but I do remember my crazy old Aunt Mary using it to straighten out my Dad’s beloved diamond shaped flower bed, turning it into a circle with points and  at the same time almost wrecking my folks otherwise good marriage. (She was famous for embarking on these havoc reaking projects) I was eight years old and I’ll never forget my Dad’s face when he looked in the back yard.

Aunt Mary was sent back to Scotland shortly after that and my parents marriage returned to normal.

That year was 1954. (more…)

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I tripped over this you-tube entry. Letterman has Guy Clark, Jerry Jeff Walker, Steve Earle, Rodney Crowell, Jimmy Dale Gilmore and Eric Taylor singing Desperadoes Waiting For A Train with Nancy Griffith. I guess Nancy did an album with these guys called Other Voices Too.
I’m not saying this is one of those amazing performances . It’s a  good performance but not a quintessential performance. What I am saying is this is an incredible lineup and it is a privilege to see all these icons singing together. Enjoy

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In 1971 a friend of mine bought a Toyota Corolla. He and his wife drove it over to show me and I was impressed. It was neatly decked out inside and had a number of standard features that were only available heretofore as options in North American cars.

The Japanese had arrived.

When they first entered the car market they were considered a bit of a joke. In fact anything made in  post war Japan  was considered cheap and shoddy.

I was married, 25 years old and your classic baby boomer. Up until this moment our generation only bought American cars and everything else was considered quirky , or unreliable, or hard to get parts for.

But that day when my friend pulled up in his Corolla all that changed. (more…)

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