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Many of my friends have retired. My brother who is only 3 years older than me has been retired for 10 years.

Me? I never liked the word.

So I heard the word ‘transitioning’ and decided I liked that better. It sounded less final and a younger word somehow. When you own your own companies maybe you never really retire. Well my wife and I who are also business partners sold 49% of one of our companies last year to the employees and have a successor in place and we now work 3-4   days a week spending the rest of our time at our beloved  cottage. We spent 3 years putting this transition plan into effect and so far it has worked. In fact  I have commented that I could handle this pace of work for many years to come. (more…)


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This last little while has been very stressful. In the current economy I find myself using every ounce of my ingenuity both personally and business wise working through new ideas, cost savings measures, new innovations and lots of difficult conversations with staff, family and friends and I’m tired. Yesterday actually I felt exhilarated as I worked through a number of new initiatives and accomplished quiet a bit. Today was also a day of accomplishments but some of the things I was dealing with were very difficult and they have left me drained. Now there is nothing particularly unusual about this and I am not complaining. I just find myself writing about being tired. Now the best way to deal with being this kind of emotionally weary , I have found, is admit it. (more…)

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