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I’m in no hurry

I ws walking down the street today and I came to a small intersection. In front of me was a woman. In front of her was a bus ready to make a left hand turn. The woman had the right of way but signalled to the bus to go ahead saying:
“I’m in no hurry”.
I thought for a moment. When was the last time I heard someone saying that.
I couldn’t remember.
it was a beautiful day with some definite signs of spring in the air. I was in no hurry either but after I heard this woman I realized I was walking very quickly and with great purpose for no particular purpose at all. Well I was going to the hardware store to get some paint but this was not an urgent errand.
I slowed down but ever so slightly. After all I didn’t want to start smelling the roses cold turkey.I might get the shakes.


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Two brilliant Guitarists

I have been fortunate in my life to play with some great musicians. Two of my favorite guitar players come from Scotland. These guys taught me so much about music and were an absolute pleasure to play with. They have two very different styles but both are awesome players. One is Tony Mitchell and the other is Colin MacFarlane. Check them out. Tony is shown here doing an impromptu spot at the Edinburgh Folk Club.

Not only is his playing brilliant but his natural comedic nature shines through. This is a very funny spot. Colin is shown here playing with James Taylor at a  New Year’s show at Edinburgh Castle.

As Colin quips he’s the good looking one on the right. Enjoy.

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Brave New World

So I’m the kind of guy who never answers his phone at home. I never answer my door either, unless I’m expecting someone. In fact a number of years ago a good friend of mine Rick Nickerson visited me from Scotland unannounced. There was a knock on my door which I, as usual ignored. However this knock persisted and I eventually had to look out the window and saw Rick leaving dragging his suitcase behind him. It turned out he had come over for his Dad’s funeral and needed a place to stay. I felt terrible. Not terrible enough to change my reclusive ways however but terrible none the less.

So why a guy like me and an an old guy to boot has started a blog I don’t know.

Perhaps it’s because “I can”.

I am stunned with  our brave new world of technology. I went to Stacie one of our brilliant techno gurus at work and said I’m thinking of starting a blog and she said no problem.Ten minutes later I had a blog. When I first had the idea I assumed it would take months and some significant coin to develop the look. No so ma petite. Not in this world of instant communication and instant gratification.

I’m impressed.

When I started out in newspapers over 40 years ago they were printed on letter press. Every page was printed using lead print and photographs were done on a pretty primitive scanning machine all put together in the composing room and then the lead page was pressed into a cardboard like mould and that mould was taken to the press room and became your page. Hell back then I thought that was magic. Now spectacular quality print is instant assuming you need a hard copy at all.

So now all these years later I have a blog.

I’m not sure what I will do with this blog but I suspect that is the appeal. Now Stacie tells me people can communicate with me if they want without calling me or knocking on my door. I suppose the very starting of this blog is a metaphorical door opening of sorts so I may not like it.

But Eleanor Roosevelt advised us to  “Scare ourselves  every day.”

So here goes.

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