Sam and Ruby

It’s been a while since I’ve written, four months or so. That’s the problem with blogging once you start everyone can see your habits and shortcomings. One of mine is to get excited about something (ie blogging) and then tire of it. Usually however all I need to do is get back to it once and then I remembered why I liked it so much in the first place.  I’m back so let’s see if I stay back. One of the things that reminds me of my blog is when I hear new music I love, I like to share it. My friend Adam introduced me to this new band ‘Sam and Ruby’. I just love them. Their new album ‘The Here and the Now’ won album of the year and this was totally deserved if you ask me. Adam met Ruby in Nashville a number of years back and since then they have stayed close. According to Adam not only is Ruby a great talent but she’s a wonderful human being. Good to hear. We need as many of those as we can find.

Here’s Sam and Ruby live singing Heaven’s My Home. Enjoy.


Good lord. This is just fantastic. Kate and Anna McGarrigle with Rufus Wainwright, Mary Black, EmmyLou Harris, Rod Patterson and Karen Matheson,singing Hard Times Come Again No More. Magnificent!!! The opening with Kate and Anna and Rufus is hair-standing-on- end magic with harmonies that can only come from that unique family connection. Then add all these other great singers and you’ve captured something special forever.It’s also great to see the fine Scottish singer Rod Patterson with this lofty group.

It’s what music is all about for me.Truly inspiring.

Man in the moon

I came across this you-tube entry which is a video and cut of Andy M Stewart singing Man in the moon. I’ve always loved this song. Now watching this video is a neat way to listen to the song. Quite inspirational. Andy is a great Celtic singer who used to be the lead singer for Silly Wizard and is Kathy Stewart’s ex husband (The singer/songwriter I mentioned a few blogs ago that I used to sing and write with in Scotland). Kathy has also done a masterful job of this song on her latest CD, Hopes, Tears and Tambourines that she is promoting on her you-tube piece  . Kathy wrote the music and a funny wee man named Bill Dixon, who was Kathy’s Neighbor in Stow in the Scottish border country, wrote the majestic lyrics. I always thought Bill wrote  the song about unrequited love as I know he carried an enormous torch for Kathy that wasn’t returned as  much as they were good friends. When I listen to the lyrics with this in mind they make sense to me  but now after looking at the video I’m not sure. Not that it matters because songs mean what they mean to the listener not the writer. In any event give it a listen.

The brain is an amazing instrument. It can contain hundreds of unrelated thoughts  and can move back and forth between these thoughts faster than the speed of light. Here is a 15 minute  peek inside my early morning brain.

Paul McCartney was on Letterman last night and looked and sounded amazing. He’s 68. It’s uncanny what a full head of hair can do. I’m sure it’s dyed but it doesn’t look like it. Maybe I’ll revisit the hair transplant idea but just like Letterman’s- nothing too  severe. On the other hand it might hurt and I have no money anyway for frivolous things like that right now in this crazy economy. Maybe I’ll just start wearing a hat. Continue Reading »

I Live in Hope

I found myself thinking about someone I hadn’t thought of in over 42 years. Just the very thinking of him made me feel warm, hopeful,inspired, embarrassed, guilty, angry and sad all at the same time.

Here is his story. Continue Reading »

Feed Jake

I have three dogs .Two Goldens and a Duck Toller cross. I am of course in love with all of them. Treble we’ve had from a pup and is now 10 years old and still doing great. The other two were rescue dogs. Mr Bibbs, the Duck Toller cross, we rescued from a beach in Belize (read here) and Jake, now five, we got from Golden Rescue at 10 months old. Jake’s previous owners kept him locked up in a closet with no light on  whenever they went out.



Mr Bibbs (left rear) Treble (front centre) Jake (rear right)

Jake today is a magnificent dog with a huge heart. Jake and I hit it off from the first moment we met.

A friend sent this link today to a song called ‘Feed Jake’. I had never heard this song before but it certainly went right to my soul. if you don’t cry after hearing this then you are a better man than I am Gunga Din.

A friend of mine Kathy Stewart has just launched a new album called Hope ,Tears and Tambourines. Kathy and I wrote and played together in Scotland in the 90’s with one of Scotland’s best guitar players Colin MacFarlane in a band we called Another Country. Kathy is a big talent hidden from view like many great singer songwriters who never quite get heard enough. Originally from New York, Kathy moved to Scotland in the late 80’s. I met her around 1994.

Here’s a snapshot of her launch party where you’ll see a snippet of her and Colin on stage with Ken Kennedy, on double bass, harmonica and harmonies. Can’t wait to hear the whole album.